“Christ on the Cross”

Greg came in from Miami to add to his arm of religious figures. This is a Classic tattoo that just doesn’t get old.


Frankies re-mix

This was referenced from a musically themed tattoo that I worked on a few years ago. From one creative mind to another, it was a pleasure to be able to work with a Cool Cat.  In true creative fashion, Frankie gave me the freedom to think outside the box and go to work.


A few i got into this week

There is a light that never goes out


New York State of Mind

There’s no denying that graffiti is a major part of New York an underground art movement that adds to the fabric of New York making it one of the best city’s in the world. Graffiti is a living breathing art in its most raw state . To be in such a place were you are surrounded in by art and inspiration hereare a few fliks from the place were I’m proud to say i hang my hat


New Juxtapoz Tattoo 2

Be sure and check out the new juxtapoz tattoo part 2 back by popular demand featuring myself and a gang of others! Drops 1st week in Dec…


LA in NY

Reserve your spot and tell’em Paulie sent ya


Captured Official Trailer


Looking “BACK”



Cue Sinatra’s “New York, New York”

Some things are just too beautiful to describe. This is one of those things. It’s hard to capture the essence of a place as diverse as NYC, but this comes close.

Photo credits to Doug Sonders, model credits to Paul “The Foremost Authority” Gasparrini.



Patrick stopped by the studio for some new ink. I don’t know what went on in his childhood, but he only likes tattoos that could’ve been done with a prison machine powered by a Walkman motor. “If it ain’t rough it aint right,” he says. I hope this piece here ain’t too polished for him.

Patrick had some old text on him I had to work around, but I think we managed to give his pec a little definition with this shape. Originally I had the bird facing the opposite direction so its head was on his shoulder, but I think this worked out for the best.

Here’s the rough layout of the bird. As you can see we went ahead and took some time to put in those little details later. Patrick is a good client seeing as he pretty much left it up to me with the design. He likes his tattoos to look like they were done in the joint, but we’re gonna revisit this one and lay some tones on the area around the bird so it doesn’t look as tacked on. And since you’re wondering, yes, that is a piece of tape covering his nipple. My man was serious about not hitting the nipple.